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Yvan Guilini
After a break of more than 20 years, Yvan Guilini found back his passion for the music. He’s not only making his comeback as a composer/producer, but he will be back on stage as well. Back to the Roots. He composed and produced a new song for the summer with the Titel “SUNNY GROOVE”, which will be released June 2nd 2017. He created an original new Style and a new Sound in which his favourite Instrument “THE HAMMOND ORGAN” is the main Sound. Also on stage he will play the Hammond again together with his Synthesizers. And the show will be with 2 colleagues. The second Hammond will be played by Gino Franceus and on the Drums his buddy Chris De Brakeleer with whom he worked in the past for more than 30 years. Check them out!

YVAN GUILINI was born in Bruges on 30 May 1946. At the age of three he already played the piano. On the lap of his pa, Desiré, he learned his own style and own skill. Over the years created its own typical Yvan GUILINI sound. Music became a passion.

HIS FIRST APPEARANCE his first real public appearance at the age of thirteen, after which realized on different deals followed with established names from the music world.

HIS FIRST ORGAN "the HAMMOND" on his eighteenth he got his first "Hammond organ" (a B3). He learned to master a technique that few others got under control. He was "The King" of the Hammond and the bass pedals. You never saw someone who could move his feet faster on the bass pedals than Yvan He improvised and developed his own style of music , a mix of classical and jazz.

In 1969 drew Yvan Guilini on a world tour. He has appeared in no less than 28 countries. He was on tour with the "Dutch Broadcasting Company" with which he eventually 2 Lps recorded with popular jazz music. Once back in Belgium, he received 2 prizes for its style and music.

WINTER MEMORIES "the WORLD HIT" 1976 was the year of the commercial break-through. His first "world hit" was born in 3 minutes. In Belgium alone, more than 100,000 copies went over the counter. "Winter memories" was the beginning of a series of major hits. This was followed by Romantica, Prelude de la mer, L'inconnu, Long time ago,...

1977 Jazz Bilzen
1977 JAZZ BILZEN his appearance on Jazz Bilzen gave him a weekly radio show on the national channel, where Yvan played the music of the day in its own way.

OWN RADIO PROGRAM on BRT RADIO 2 during 8 years Yvan Guilini had his own radio program on radio 2 (then BRT) on Saturday morning just before the BRT top 30, he played his own songs and also big hits by colleagues.

MEMORIES it started with the Hammond organ, but it grew into footage of symphonic orchestras up to 70 musicians. The commitment to excellence is reflected in the high quality of productions that Yvan Guilini brings. The master on the ROLAND keyboard brings sentimental music, straight from the heart. Music to dream away.

The future after a period of silence and reflection is Yvan back working on making music. In collaboration with his daughter, Carolina Guilini , who has a record company (GAME records) and her manager tracks already earned with the hit formations as Def Dames Dope, BB Jerome and the Bang Gang, TimeShift, Matthew Paul,..., starts Yvan Guilini to a new chapter. His daughter finally sees a piece of her dreams come true through the music of her pa to promote. Currently there are 3 albums with the large successes available through I-tunes.

Latest song

Gift for fans, download FREE the Sunny Groove - Yvan Guilini ringtone on your smartphone.Download the ringtone here: LINK
We wish everyone a SUNNY GROOVY weekend. A few adjustments to the video clip and within a few days you will see him. Kben himself curious about the end result. We are already drinking 1. (Photo = screenshot from the video clip)
The picnic during the recording of "Sunny Groove" video clip. Fun fun fun
An impression of the video clip recording
In full action on the Hammond while recording the video clip of the new song "Sunny Groove"
And the title of my new song is "SUNNY GROOVE" Today, the final preparations for recording the video clip are taken. It will be a hard day tomorrow. (Picture together with my daughter Carolina, Chris and Gino)
And the answer to the frequently asked question is .. YES, I GET RETURNED ALSO. Together with my colleagues Chris de Brakeleer and Gino Franceus. We are brave about ideas for the new show. To be continued....
Today is the day after day a month ago, I made a phone call by phone to a daughter. Since then I've flown completely and my life has changed completely. The release of the new single is for the month of May.


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