CAROLINA GUILINI  started her career with the management and promotion for her father Yvan Guilini who scored a world hit in the 1970s with the song “Winter Memories”.

Her first success was as manager of BB Jerome and The Bang Gang.

Carolina introduced street dance in Belgium with the success story BB Jerome & The Bang Gang. “Shock Rock” became her 1st nr No.1 hit. But also the successors “You can Rock it, Havin‘ a Ball and Do that Dance” reached the top of the charts in Belgium.

And then there was “GAME RECORDS.” (1991) THE Commercial Dance label.

Carolina  Guilini  founded  the Power Girl Band “DEF DAMES DOPE” and the  international success began. Not only as a manager but now also as a record label and publisher (GAME International Publishing.

Def  Dames Dope’s first hit, “It’s Ok, All right”, not only became  No  1 in Belgium, but also scored outside the    borders.. Netherlands  No  9, UK  No  33, France Top 10 Dance  charts, Canada  No  1,  Israel  No  1,  Scandinavia, Spain, South Africa,  Asia,  Australia..

In South Africa, DDD did the pre-show of  Latoya  Jackson and they crossed Europe together with the greatest artists of the dance world. Artists like  Haddeway, 2  Unlimited,  Cappella, DJ  Bobo,…  . In  Czech Republic the roof went off for  Def  Dames Dope where they were allowed to perform in front of 35,000 spectators, but also in  Israel they were top of the  bill..

The first  album “It’s  a Girl” won gold in Belgium. It was written and  produced  by Phil Wilde (the mastermind behind 2  Unlimited)and Peter Bauwens. The texts were written by Larissa  and  Axana  Ceulemans, the 2 sisters from the group DDD.

Not only “It’s ok, All right” became a big hit, but also  Ain’t  nothin’  to  it,  Havin’a  Good  Time,  Don’t  be  silly, Full Time Lover reached the top. Havin’ a  Good Time has even been chosen as the song for the World Cup ’94 for Argentina.

From the 2nd Album “Wicked  & Wild” came the hit singles such as “Out of  my  Mind, Show me  what  U  got, Feel Free, Take  your  Time,  Join The Party  and  Never  givin’in”.

But there was more..

Timeshift also became a great success with the hits ‘Don’t  U feel  the  Beat,  Dancin’in  the  Sun, Queen of Clubs…
Also   Friends  Only,  Snazzy,  Euphrasia,4-ever, Paul Matthew, Sunrise  feat  Shaun, Poco Loco Gang, 2 Black 4U, Lea Kiss,  Shock’n  Roll, Man Machine, 2 PM,  Fast  Creation,  Boyz, Mega Boys were Game artists.

Carolina not only toured with  Def  Dames Dope, but also many of her other artists went on tour.

GAME RECORDS became an interesting Label for the DJs..

Carolina Guilini only worked with top producers who took the songs to the next level.

Phil Wilde (2Unlimited), Peter Bauwens (Isabelle A), Flip  Vanderputte  (known for his Da Flip  Mixes),Fred Vandermast (Poco Loco Gang), Jan Voermans (Rio & Le Jean  Mixes  for  oa  2  Unlimited  and  Def Dames Dope,..) Christoph  Wibou, Peter  Neefs  (Timeshift,  Alana  Dante) Mike Stevens (UK – Take  That), Sammy  Merayah  (Like Mike and DJ Vegas),  Planet  Playground  (Sweden), Dennis  Dwyer  (UK) and” of course” Yvan Guilini.

Artists like:

Among others,  Snazzy (I’m  you   destiny),  Euphrasia (Don’t  You  feel  it), Laserman (Technology) had big club hits.  

GAME RECORDS UK (1994-1998)

Carolina started GAME Records UK so she could push her boundaries and collaborate with UK producers such as Mike Stevens  and  Dennis  Dwyer..

Boy band 4-ever, songs, ” I  want to wake up next  to  You, Baby, Do  Believe me and  Can U handle  it” are recorded in  the UK with above mentioned producers . The promo of 4-ever started with a 5-week tour of The UK. After 4-ever, Paul Matthew went solo with  the  songs “Heavenly,  Rhythm  of  Flames,  What I like” which were recorded in Sweden with the  planet  playground  team.


After a 12-year break, it’s time to reboot GAME RECORDS. The  music industry has completely changed and that’s why Game Records is going digital. Carolina signed a deal with one of the biggest players on the field. With Believe digital she found a perfect partner to assist her international digital story. First we will release the back catalogue on the net and the original video clips of the Game artists will finally be presented. A  new album by Yvan Guilini, “Music forever”,  has been released in November  2020.  And who knows what the future  brings…

Check  it  out!